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Hottest Hollywood - Love Horoscopes Report

Why the attraction between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is so powerful? What is their soul connection? The best answers are probably in the stars.

Brad Pitt
Birth date: Dec 18, 1963
Birth time: 6:31 AM
Birth place: Shawnee (OK) (USA)

Angelina Jolie
Birth date: Jun 4, 1975
Birth time: 9:09 AM
Birth place: Los Angeles (CA) (USA)

Love Compatibility for Sagittarius Brad Pitt and Gemini Angelina Jolie:

General Sun Sign Interaction The interaction of Sun in Gemini, which Angelina has, and Sun in Sagittarius, which Brad has, is one of complimentary opposites. Both are outgoing and interested about life. They are both not specially realistic and rational.

Brad's Sun positive Angelina's Uranus This will be most apparent in the way Brad assert his originality and independence. Developing his own unique style and a spirit of experimentation, he can encourage each other in a constant self-development process without trying to own each other in any way.

Brad: Moon in Capricorn As Angelina has Moon in Aries, she has a strong temperament and an emotionally impulsive nature, which often creates a tense atmosphere. Brad, who has Moon in Capricorn is far more serious and controlled. Though both like to get things done, Brad is easily hurt and becomes very reserved, whenever Angelina acts in a headstrong manner - which is often.

Decendant sign combination With the Descendant in Gemini, Brad is looking for a partner with whom he can have an intelligent conversation, yet who can at the same time poke fun at his tendency to take himself and his ideas too seriously. Angelina, with the Descendant in Capricorn, needs a partner who can be an example to her as far as responsibility, organisation and self-sufficiency is concerned. She thus evokes a sense of duty in Brad, whilst he would rather have a partner to cheer him up and not take things so seriously.

Venus Sign combination With Venus in Cancer, Angelina is possessive and vulnerable, with strong, protective instincts in regard to loved ones. Brad, with Venus in Capricorn, takes a relationship very seriously indeed, and after initial hesitation is prepared to make a long-term commitment. This can make for a secure relationship, though Angelina might wish that Brad was more emotionally expressive.

Mars Sign Combination Angelina, with Mars in Aries, and Brad with Mars in Capricorn make a dynamic and active pair. Brad does have a rather subdued, even inhibited, sexuality, which cannot be said of Angelina, who is spontaneous and feisty. Angelina can feel that Brad places too much restrictions on her life, and she refuses to be tamed. Brad is very absorbed in his work, and may feel that his partner wastes too much time on impulsive behaviour.

Mercury Sign Combination With Mercury in Gemini Angelina is bright, intelligent, communicative - and completely at home in the world of ideas. Brad, who has Mercury in Capricorn, is far more slow and considered in style. He has little use for impractical theories. He is more concerned with ideas as a means to an end, whilst Angelina sees ideas as an end in themselves. She may lack a mental sparring partner in Brad, and feel that he does not listen to her ideas.

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